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About the Video

Learning To Do What Jesus Did
Nine Tape Video Series

They Have Arrived! Our long awaited nine tape video series just arrived and they look great! This professionally produced video tape series is the same teaching that is done at conferences around the world. Order yours today!!

This video tape series is a must for pastors and lay ministers alike. It features approximately 10 hours of teaching from Mike and Jane Evans that will make ministering in the authority and power of Jesus easy to understand and exciting. Mike and Jane have taught this in many different denominations as well as several countries around the world.

This Series Features The Following Tapes:

1) Introduction to Healing
2) A Healing Model
3) The Role of Faith
4) Authority of the Believer
5) Introduction to Inner Healing
6) Biblical Examples of Inner Healing
7) Forgiveness and Inner Healing
8) Deliverance
9) Spiritual Warfare

This teaching has also been used to experience freedom for ones self. Here is a testimony about this exciting new tape series:

"I had always had a problem with being harsh, sharp and hurtful in the things I said and the way I said them. Stress situations especially brought out this weakness in me in order to control the situation and its participants. I had tried very hard to eradicate this from my spiritual life and family life only to have it crop up in my professional life. I was on my way to San Diego early one morning listening to KFSG Christian radio. Ivy Stanton of Angeles Temple came on and started teaching on Jacob. She told of the constant competition between Rebecca and Isaac. Then is when God cut straight to my heart. She said this behavior of the parents caused there to be unforgiveness, anger and frustration in the child causing that child to grow up controlling and domineering as a defense mechanism. My heart melted within me from recognition of the cause of my behavior as well as an incredible relief of finding there was a solution to the problem.

In an ensuing conversation with Mike Evans he gave me two Wholeness Ministries, videos of Jane Evans teaching on unforgiveness and how to break free from its bondage as well as instructing me to read chapter 5 on Inner Healing and Forgiveness from his book Learning To Do What Jesus Did. . I went into the den and put the first video in and with Kathy my wife beside me, started watching. WOW!!! Was it so simple to have Jesus take these incredibly heavy chains from my life? I put into practice the tools that I had received from Mike's book and Jane's teachings on the two videos the very next day while I had some time alone. With tears of relief rolling down my face, I forgave my dad for all I had been holding against him. Even though he had died several years before, I pulled up two chairs facing each other and placed my dad in one as I sat in the other. Mike was very adamant in telling me to verbalize my forgiveness. I cannot explain the freedom and relief that came during those minutes of me forgiving my parents. With the incredible freedom I felt do you think that I would stop there? I should say not!!! That chair had many people seated in it before God pronounced me whole again! Praise God!!! Thank you God, for your forgiveness."

Mark Browne,
Bakersfield CA

Attention Pastors:
This teaching has been successfully used as an effective tool to distribute the joy and responsibility of "hands on" ministry to other members of your ministry team. You won't want to miss the opportunity to share in the Lord's work and this video series will help you get your people ready!!

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